Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eight in the Can!

Hey ChuxxFans!

Your boys spent parts of four days in the studio this weekend, and spent parts of those sessions actually working on the new release, Mustardy. Many thanks to Schwa, Yllopa, and fam for hosting the affair.

When all was said and done, Senior Vice President of the ChuxxGroup Auditing Department, thos. e., declared eight (8) tunes "in the can." This leaves the entire group feeling relaxed and refreshed, and ready for future artistic discharge.

If you can't wait, you can hear some Chuxx classic tracks on the MySpaces.

Here is a redacted copy of the report:

MUSTARDY …so far

1) Mustardy Fanfare — DONE
2) With Drunk Astronauts — DONE
3) The Tourist Halts — DONE
4) Belly Dancing Superstars — DONE
5) Shower Power — DONE
6) Her Grandfather, The Robert Frost of Korea — DONE
7) Cheese Jesus — DONE
8) The Ol’ Dry Rub — DONE

Three or four more DONE's should bring the project home.

Yesterday ChuxxCo's Publicity Division brought in famed Kansas City Television celebrity Joel Nichols to observe the creative process. If Mr. Nichols' reaction to our live recording of Her Grandfather: The Robert Frost of Korea is any indicator, then Your Pals made quite an impression. We can't wait to see his final cut, which may be available for public consumption as soon as Wednesday or next week.

We also discussed album design, and marketing strategies that may well exploit these new Interwebs that everybody is talking about these days.

I can't remember everything that everybody said, but maybe The Fellows will chime in with comments.

In the nature of shameless cross-promotion, you might remember that Foz the Hook brings many ChuxxSongs to life, along with other Foz-Centric grown-up entertainments in the city of Chicago. Foz the Hook plays a residency every Wednesday night (including this Wednesday, August 11) at Cole's Bar Comedy Open Mic. Cole's is located the in Logan Square neighborhood of Chi, and is the regular hangout of !Ladies!.

Keep up with Foz the Hook at FozBlog!

Stay tuned for the comments will flood in.

Your Pal,


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