Thursday, April 24, 2008

Next Chuxx Album Proposal

Bobby and the Chuxx Presents
Family Choice Brand Popular Music Album
Featuring your family’s favorite music selections.
1. Song.
2. Sad Song.
3. “Rock – ‘n’ – Roll” ‘Song.’
4. Funny Song.
5. Kids’ Favorite Song.
6. Stupid Emo-Sounding Song.
7. Neil Diamond Cover.
8. Neil Diamond Rip-Off.
9. Dad’s Hooker (is Mom).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nebraska, Alaska

A quick Google search reveals the location of the real KSUP Steve wrote about in the last post. There is a KSUP, but it's not in the continental United States. Also, it is not a TV station.

KSUP is Juneau, Alaska's "maximum music" station, Mix 106. Less than a year ago, it changed from a rock format (when it was "maximum rock" appropriately) to the Adult Top 40 station it is today.

It is unclear whether they have a "girl in sports." But they do have The Morning Brew with Mike Lane and Rockin' Ron Davis. After that, there's not much info to add. Their website is very sad and seems as if it was designed in 1995.

Monday, April 14, 2008

(Catch) The Spirit (of 17)

Skap and I worked on music for some lyrics I wrote. for a parody of a 1980s television station jingle. It's called "(Catch) The Spirit (of 17)" and is for the fictional KSUP, South Central Nebraska's Super 17.

(Catch) The Spirit (of 17)
For KSUP, Super17
By Schwa

There’s a certain kind of feeling
You get when you turn us on
It’s a fresh, familiar reeling
And you know it can’t be wrong

Catch the spirit!

We’ve an integrated anchor team
Bringing you the news
But we’re American as ice cream
As comfy as comfy shoes

Catch the spirit
You know you gotta
Catch the spirit

Not just stories of people who died
We’re more than glum reports
Come and see our fun side
We even got a girl in sports

(Girl in Sports Bridge)

Cast aside your doubts ol’ bean
Forget about being unsure
You’re infected with the Spirit of Seventeen
For which there is no cure

Catch the spirit
You know you gotta
Catch the spirit
The Spirit of Seventeen

Catch the spirit
You better
Catch the spirit
The Spirit of Seventeen

Copyright 2008, SchwaSongs

The music is typically schmaltzy and somewhat pat, until you get to the Girl in Sports Bridge, which is in 5/4 time. It's designed to break up the standard feel to the song, and Skap added a little vocal call that makes it absolutely hilarious. Can't wait for Jeff and Jon to add their parts. Should be fun.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Russell's Private Headquarters

Skap and I got together yesterday to record a couple of things. We laid out the basic keyboard track for "(Catch the Spirit) The Spirit (of 17)," which I will discuss in a separate post.

While working on that song, Skap remarked on a picture I had on my Mac's desktop. It was of my son inside a little ring of sand on the beach in Sand Diego. I explained that it was Russell's Private Headquarters, something my daughter thought up and made for her brother to sit in. Skap thought that might make a great Chuxx song title. I agreed, and we discussed it a little bit at lunch. Our initial ideas are about a spy who get irritated because every time he returns home from a mission, the milk has spoiled, the made cleaned up his desk, and the gun rack is dusty.

We finished the basic tracks for "(Catch the Spirit) The Spirit (of 17)," and what happened next will tell you a lot about the Chuxx. We were about to mess around with adding a keyboard part to one of the other songs that will be on the next album. I selected a sound on the Mac for Skap, an emulation of a Rhodes Suitcase Mark II. He began playing a Ray Charles-y riff. I added a drum loop and we decided we had the beginnings of "Russell's Private Headquarters." I'll keep you posted as the song develops.