Monday, April 14, 2008

(Catch) The Spirit (of 17)

Skap and I worked on music for some lyrics I wrote. for a parody of a 1980s television station jingle. It's called "(Catch) The Spirit (of 17)" and is for the fictional KSUP, South Central Nebraska's Super 17.

(Catch) The Spirit (of 17)
For KSUP, Super17
By Schwa

There’s a certain kind of feeling
You get when you turn us on
It’s a fresh, familiar reeling
And you know it can’t be wrong

Catch the spirit!

We’ve an integrated anchor team
Bringing you the news
But we’re American as ice cream
As comfy as comfy shoes

Catch the spirit
You know you gotta
Catch the spirit

Not just stories of people who died
We’re more than glum reports
Come and see our fun side
We even got a girl in sports

(Girl in Sports Bridge)

Cast aside your doubts ol’ bean
Forget about being unsure
You’re infected with the Spirit of Seventeen
For which there is no cure

Catch the spirit
You know you gotta
Catch the spirit
The Spirit of Seventeen

Catch the spirit
You better
Catch the spirit
The Spirit of Seventeen

Copyright 2008, SchwaSongs

The music is typically schmaltzy and somewhat pat, until you get to the Girl in Sports Bridge, which is in 5/4 time. It's designed to break up the standard feel to the song, and Skap added a little vocal call that makes it absolutely hilarious. Can't wait for Jeff and Jon to add their parts. Should be fun.

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