Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How We Write Songs, Pt. 3

Thos e. has posted two cogent analyses of how Chuxx songs get written.

Today we follow "Chuxx R&D" in real time (almost).

While we discussed via e-mail what "The Tourist Halts" will ultimately look, sound, and smell like Thos sent this notice, which you would understand if you had about thirty years of background context on Chuxxian Sociology.

"Also, I think YOU can post this on the Chuxxblog. Quit crying your eyes out, drinking your gin out of a jelly jar in the dark in your underwear and DO SOMETHING!!!!"

Which quickly yielded a quatrain of some brilliance from the same source:

You got gin in my peanut butter!
You got peanut butter in my gin!
Two great tastes in one candy bar!
New Reese's Gin Butter Cups!

Stay tuned to see where this goes, if anywhere....


Monday, March 10, 2008

How We Write Songs, Pt. 2

While "surfing" these "Internets", I frequently stop at a hilarious site called And during a recent stop, I came across this image:

And based solely on the phrase "The Tourist Halts", I wrote these lyrics:

--thos e

The tourist halts
Stops in the rain
He stares at nothing, frozen in his place
The tourist wonders
If that was all there is
To the Vatican

The tourist halts
Stares at the face
The smiling face everyone makes such a fuss about
The tourist ponders
Just what the deal might be
About this Lisa chick

Back home
In Atchison, Kansas
Living rooms are carpeted in shags
And back home
In Geronimo, Texas
Mailboxes are painted like flags

The tourist halts
And shakes his head
It seems he got off the bus for a bunch of nothing
The tourist frowns
And looks with disdain
At a stupid pile of rocks

Back home
In Stockton, California
Beer hats are sold in all shops
And back home
In Absecon, New Jersey
Squirrels are dressed up like cops

The tourist halts
Stays in his room
Pretends he’s already gone down to join the group
The tourist sighs
And counts the colored paper
Stuffed into his wallet

© 10 March 2008 Those Chuxx Songs (ASCAB)