Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How We Write Songs, Pt. 3

Thos e. has posted two cogent analyses of how Chuxx songs get written.

Today we follow "Chuxx R&D" in real time (almost).

While we discussed via e-mail what "The Tourist Halts" will ultimately look, sound, and smell like Thos sent this notice, which you would understand if you had about thirty years of background context on Chuxxian Sociology.

"Also, I think YOU can post this on the Chuxxblog. Quit crying your eyes out, drinking your gin out of a jelly jar in the dark in your underwear and DO SOMETHING!!!!"

Which quickly yielded a quatrain of some brilliance from the same source:

You got gin in my peanut butter!
You got peanut butter in my gin!
Two great tastes in one candy bar!
New Reese's Gin Butter Cups!

Stay tuned to see where this goes, if anywhere....



WM said...

You left out the part where you corrected me that you were NOT, in fact, wearing underwear.

Otherwise, this post is entirely accurate.

Jeff said...

I accidentally posted the comment above as my wife. When I wrote it, not her. Sometimes we just pretend to be each other. It's not weird.

I've said too much.

Foz the Hook said...

No. You said just enough.