Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of Astronauts, Tourists & Cheese

While I sat on my veranda in Los Angeles having starlets peel me grapes, the three other Chuxx gathered in Steve's Basement (the official Chuxx recording location) to lay down some more Mustardy tracks.

The gents worked on two songs Skap and I collaborated on, in that I wrote lyrics that he then put to music. Which I guess makes me Bernie Taupin and him Elton John. That's probably a fair comparison. The two songs in question are "With Drunk Astronauts" and "The Tourist Halts." The former a meditation on the historically documented drinking habits of our space heroes; the latter a little ditty about ugly Americans abroad. The other track they worked on was "Cheese Jesus".

Mostly what the gents did on this day was adding some guitar and keyboard to the existing tracks, although they did fill out "Astronauts" with lots of vocals, including a hilariously operatic track from Polly.

Now, it's up to me to add to the tracks from my home in Los Angeles. I guess that means I'll have to finally install that recording software I've had sitting in my office for the last three months.

I suppose Steve or Skap or someone will have something to add to this account, provided they get off their duffs and actually post on our blog.

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