Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Headline Ripped from the Archives of Bobby and the Chuxx

The AP reports that police nabbed a man with frozen shrimp in his pants. I know. Times are tough. Perhaps the fellow was just trying to feed his family and friends at an olde fashioned shrimp boil.

The incident fits perfectly with one of the earliest hits of Bobby and the Chuxx ever recorded. The song was "Don't Hit Me, I'm Full of Shrimp" from the early 1990s. (Free download!)

The title came from the side of a seafood truck Jon Niccum and I saw on I-435. Apparently people kept ramming into their trucks before they painted this on their vehicles. I can hear the safety manager speaking at an "All-Hands" meeting.

"Okay people, listen up. Accidents are up in the workplace here at Luverne's Seafood Delites. Last month alone we had three injured backs, a slipped disc, and one split skull. Most of these came on the loading dock, where shrimp sometimes fall out of their containers and make for a dangerous footing. But there's a bright spot. Highway fatalities are down 8%, thanks to Jenkins's idea of putting that clever saying on the side of our panel trucks. Way to go, Jenkins. You get one more personal day next month. Now be careful out there!"

Hat tip: Rick Tamblyn

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