Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two on Tunes

As of today, Mr. Poorluck Buys Some China is available on iTunes. So now there's like twice as many songs available for that mystery person to download. Perhaps he or she (or "it", if he/she is a robot or a monster), will find another song to enjoy. Or perhaps you will. After all, what's 99 cents in Internet dollars anyway? It's probably less than one percent of your monthly porn budget! It's a bargain!


Foz the Hook said...

Dear Mr. Chuck, Can you put in a link to where your new song is on iTunes? I want to buy all of your songs before Mommy finds out I took her credit card.

Little Timmy O'Brien, Walla Walla

Fowler Jones said...

One thing I like about the album, and by album I mean collection of songs, not a 13 inch cardboard creation of paper, vinyl, and glue. One thing I like about it is the different motifs. I hear Bowie in the song about Wendy and Lizzie, and I hear They Might Be Giants in the song about Mars. There are probably other motifs or if you prefer, homages, that I have not yet discovered, as well, but I pefer motif, if only because it has less letters, and believe me peoples, less is more on these commentary pages.

Steven said...

I think what you're picking up on is really more of an homage to a motif.