Sunday, November 6, 1977

An interesting night...

After dinner at Smak's last night (Hickory Burger, thank you very much), the folks took me by the Toon Shop to knock around. I bought a pair of new drum sticks to replace the ones I broke trying to free a Frisbee from the pin oak in our front yard.

My dad asked me to look at the drum sets and tell him which one I liked. I picked out a 5-pc set of RedSparklerz®. It came with an extra cymbal but no throne. It is a BEAUT! All red and sparkly. I sat down and played a few paradiddles and the sound was terrific. The bass drum pedal squeaked a little, but I'm sure a little WD-40 would take care of that easily enough.

They didn't buy the set. We stopped by Zarda Dairy for some butter brickle ice cream and no one said anything about the RedSparklerz®.

Makes me wonder if my folks might be trying to get me to ask for the drum set for Christmas instead of that new Atari game console.

Seems like a dirty trick to me.

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