Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chuxx Mentioned In Press Release

Hey, y'all, we were mentioned in this press release for our pals at Rotting Snout Studios. We have recorded all of our albums there since 2001.

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS - Rotting Mouse Studios is proud to announce new upgrades to our facilities in Prairie Village, KS. Improvements include newly-functional microphones and a newly constructed separate recording booth.

Thanks to some sleuthing at Interstate Batteries, we now have the use of three Nakamichi CM-300 microphones and a Sennheiser MD 441-U. The former is great for capturing acoustic instruments like guitars and uke, the latter for vocals and horns.

The microphones will sound great in the new Potter's Booth, so named for its location under the stairs and lock on the outside. It features room for two musicians (three if one of them is wee), gear, and cable runs for microphones and headphones. The new headphone mixer will deliver custom mixes to the headphones, along with talkback capabilities. A webcam in the booth will allow for broadcasting live video and capturing the crazy antics of the musicians.

Bring your recording business to Rotting Mouse Studios or we'll leave a real rotting mouse on your doorstep (just kidding)!

Rotting Mouse Studios, LLC is located in Prairie Village, KS. Frequented by the talent represented on the Chubb Records Recording Label, artists who record at Rotting Mouse Studios include: Glen and the Fin Merchants, the Perry Blather Conspiracy, Bobby & the Chuxx, Gary O'Nemo, Tulip Craze, SlobberFly, Pie Trajectory, Tongueprint, Voltaire & Swift, and Col. K & the Hit Squad.

Copyright 2009 Rotting Mouse Studios, LLC

Congrats, Rotting Mouse! Can't wait to get back in and do some more work on our latest album, MUSTARDY! Those working microphones are going to come in handy!


Fowler Jones said...
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Fowler Jones said...

The Perry Blather Conspiracy? Don't shit me. Seriously? They were the top pre-watergate conspiracy combo in the four state region. Anybody remember "Slide Rule of Destruction" or "Confederate Handshake"?

Didn't they try to play a concert at the p.v. tune shop only to be hassled by the hardhats from Woolf Brothers? Heady times, my friend. Heady times.

Foz the Hook said...

When I was sixteen I saw Perry Blather (we used to just call them "Blather") at the huge Eddie's Wolf and Stein Festival. I got so wasted, and met a cool hippie chick - Squeaky something, I think.