Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shower Sessions, Day 2

Today, Jon went back to work and Skap and I continued working. We first recorded some vocals for "Shower Power!' The idea is to have a group of people (including children) singing on this song. Skap's part was a character voice, the main adult voice singing the song. He did some excellent verbal gymnastics with the meter. This one will be funny-haha.

We also began work on "The Tourist Halts." Skap did some fancy acoustic geetar strummin' and piano playing. He also sang a scratch tracks. This song has some great lyrics.

Skap broke out the Uke for a "Ole Dry Rub". We used a pickup to get the right sound for the ukelele, but we also used live mics pointed right at it. It sounds great. He laid down keyboards and a scratch vocal track. Drums are nothing but a click track at this point. The idea of the song is to make it sound like a cheap burlesque band. I think we can pull that off.

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