Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eight in the Can!

Hey ChuxxFans!

Your boys spent parts of four days in the studio this weekend, and spent parts of those sessions actually working on the new release, Mustardy. Many thanks to Schwa, Yllopa, and fam for hosting the affair.

When all was said and done, Senior Vice President of the ChuxxGroup Auditing Department, thos. e., declared eight (8) tunes "in the can." This leaves the entire group feeling relaxed and refreshed, and ready for future artistic discharge.

If you can't wait, you can hear some Chuxx classic tracks on the MySpaces.

Here is a redacted copy of the report:

MUSTARDY …so far

1) Mustardy Fanfare — DONE
2) With Drunk Astronauts — DONE
3) The Tourist Halts — DONE
4) Belly Dancing Superstars — DONE
5) Shower Power — DONE
6) Her Grandfather, The Robert Frost of Korea — DONE
7) Cheese Jesus — DONE
8) The Ol’ Dry Rub — DONE

Three or four more DONE's should bring the project home.

Yesterday ChuxxCo's Publicity Division brought in famed Kansas City Television celebrity Joel Nichols to observe the creative process. If Mr. Nichols' reaction to our live recording of Her Grandfather: The Robert Frost of Korea is any indicator, then Your Pals made quite an impression. We can't wait to see his final cut, which may be available for public consumption as soon as Wednesday or next week.

We also discussed album design, and marketing strategies that may well exploit these new Interwebs that everybody is talking about these days.

I can't remember everything that everybody said, but maybe The Fellows will chime in with comments.

In the nature of shameless cross-promotion, you might remember that Foz the Hook brings many ChuxxSongs to life, along with other Foz-Centric grown-up entertainments in the city of Chicago. Foz the Hook plays a residency every Wednesday night (including this Wednesday, August 11) at Cole's Bar Comedy Open Mic. Cole's is located the in Logan Square neighborhood of Chi, and is the regular hangout of !Ladies!.

Keep up with Foz the Hook at FozBlog!

Stay tuned for the comments will flood in.

Your Pal,


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dumbly in my Ringside Seat

Hold on, we're re-recording the lead vocals to Her Grandfather, The Robert Frost of Korea. Ole thos e is in the recording booth right now.

It's hot in there, but not as hot as the jams thos e is recording.

Oh my, Grandma! So sexy.

We can watch him in The Box thanks to Skype.

So far the boys have finished the following tracks from the forthcoming - much anticipated - release Mustardy are complete:

With Drunk Astronauts
Belly Dancing Superstars
Shower Power
The Tourist Halts
and then this one thos e is singing now.

We were greatly honored today to have two great old hands sit in on the session. Buster "Geemail" Koots, and Old Cornbun (you know who) joined us the last two days to add some background vocals and Theremin.

More later, me peeps,


Monday, February 22, 2010

This Is MotorBotox

It's the song Thos E and Foz came up with while Foz was rare-booking it in Hollywood. It began with a few lines of lyrics by Foz, to which Thos added a drumbeat, to which Foz added a bass line, to which Thos added a piano line.

This process was reversed for the bridge, where Thos contributed the lyrics and bass line and Foz added the piano.

We'll try to post the MP3 shortly. But until then, please enjoy the lyrics.

music & lyrics by Thos E & Foz the Hook
Mona Gload moans
Feels like an old crone
Already cut to the bone

Where's a needle when a girl needs it?
Where's a needle when a girl needs it?
Nothing more that a lady can do
Now that's she's 22

Ride (Mo Motor Bo Bo Motor Botox)
Ride (Mo Motor Bo Bo Motor Botox)
Across the waves
Against the sun
To turn back the tide

She treasures a photograph of herself in a distant land
(She's off in her distant land)
She drinks from a coconut and her toes are in the sand
(Her toes are in the sand)
If she had her way, this is where she'd stay
Back where her caramel skin was always on display

Ride (Mo Motor Bo Bo Motor Botox)
Ride (Mo Motor Bo Bo Motor Botox)
Across the waves
Against the sun
To turn back the tide

Mona Gload moans
Already cut to the bone
Feels like an old crone

Where's a needle when a girl needs it?
(Motor Botox)
Where's a needle when a girl needs it?
(Motor Botox)
Nothing more that a lady can do
(Already cut!)
Now that's she's 22

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do it In the Nude*

This is cross-posted from FozBlog.

Historians and music anthropologists agree that the greatest single session in the history of recording was the 1985 date in Leawood, Kansas that resulted in Bobby and the Chuxx recording Trouble at the Circus, Theme of the Guys From France, and Manhood is a Soup for the Back of a Man's Head album. The new FtH set opener, Keep Your Nose Clean, is also from that magnificent collection.

In honor of that occasion Foz the Hook has prepared Theme of the Guys From France for live performance, and will debut it tonight at Cole's Comedy Open Mic. This is the first time, so far as can be ascertained with available technology, that Theme of the Guys From France has been performed in Chicago, or outside of Leawood, Kansas. The show starts at 9:00, so if you like blogging or going to blogs, join us at Cole's just in time.

*Nine out of ten archeologists agree that this phrase is the only remaining evidence of the song Remember My Gas from the Chuxx debut album, Live at the Graveyard. Nine out of ten ethicists agree that this is a good thing for humankind.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chuxx a-LIVE!

Foz will be playing a set of Bobby and the Chuxx songs on Monday night, August 31, at 9:00, at Cole's Bar, 2338 W. Milwaukee in Chicago. The set will feature olde, newe, funny, and stupid songs. All sung in your favorite fashion, because you love music! Right?

If you live in Chicago, come on out. If not, move to Chicago, and come on out.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chuxx Mentioned In Press Release

Hey, y'all, we were mentioned in this press release for our pals at Rotting Snout Studios. We have recorded all of our albums there since 2001.

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS - Rotting Mouse Studios is proud to announce new upgrades to our facilities in Prairie Village, KS. Improvements include newly-functional microphones and a newly constructed separate recording booth.

Thanks to some sleuthing at Interstate Batteries, we now have the use of three Nakamichi CM-300 microphones and a Sennheiser MD 441-U. The former is great for capturing acoustic instruments like guitars and uke, the latter for vocals and horns.

The microphones will sound great in the new Potter's Booth, so named for its location under the stairs and lock on the outside. It features room for two musicians (three if one of them is wee), gear, and cable runs for microphones and headphones. The new headphone mixer will deliver custom mixes to the headphones, along with talkback capabilities. A webcam in the booth will allow for broadcasting live video and capturing the crazy antics of the musicians.

Bring your recording business to Rotting Mouse Studios or we'll leave a real rotting mouse on your doorstep (just kidding)!

Rotting Mouse Studios, LLC is located in Prairie Village, KS. Frequented by the talent represented on the Chubb Records Recording Label, artists who record at Rotting Mouse Studios include: Glen and the Fin Merchants, the Perry Blather Conspiracy, Bobby & the Chuxx, Gary O'Nemo, Tulip Craze, SlobberFly, Pie Trajectory, Tongueprint, Voltaire & Swift, and Col. K & the Hit Squad.

Copyright 2009 Rotting Mouse Studios, LLC

Congrats, Rotting Mouse! Can't wait to get back in and do some more work on our latest album, MUSTARDY! Those working microphones are going to come in handy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cheese Jesus

Once again, the Chuxx get timely.